1886 - 1923

  • If you would like to rent a pavilion at Brandywine Springs
  • please call the County Permits Section at 302-395-5606.
  • The Friends of Brandywine Springs do NOT rent the pavilions.


We are a group dedicated to the preservation of Brandywine Springs Amusement Park, an early 20th Century amusement park in Wilmington, Delaware.

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July 14, August 11, September 8, October 13, November 14 and December 1


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"The Freedman Family Story - Sam's Letter" - A New Chapter in the History of Brandywine Springs Park

This new booklet describes recently uncovered personal information detailing what the park was like to a teenager that worked along the boardwalk.

This 40-page booklet gives new photos, stories, and background on how the park operated. Sam's father ran more than a dozen games and rides in the park. Sam later typed an 11-page letter detailing his memories of days in the park while running the Rifle Range concession for his father.

Freedman Book Mockup

"Echoes of the Past (1886 - 1923)" - History of Brandywine Springs

The early days of Brandywine Springs revolved around a hotel started in 1826 to bring people to the mineral springs that were believed to have healing powers. The hotel resort thrived until the Civil War, then became a military boarding school, which burned down in 1853

.Echoes of the Past


Courtesy of  Leone L. Cahill-Krout & izi.TRAVEL.



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